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The process of becoming a pilot…

How much does it cost to get a Private Pilot License?

Many of us in general aviation have been asked that question, it is all determined on the individual. If you are. like myself, love to fly and you love sharing it with other people, then you should be able to complete the task in approximately fifty seven (57) hours. Here is a break down for your information. Some FFA approved AME costs vary based on your location.

The FAA requires a minimum of forty (40) flight hours to obtain your license, however the national average is higher. Below is a break down of the cost with the price ranged listed as a good estimation.

Instruction Rate; *$45.00 per hour.

*Note our club approved Flight Instructors are not allowed to charge more than $45.00 per hour. They can charge less, it is up to you to negotiate your best price with the individual instructor.

Minimum investment for Private Pilot license:

40 hours C-172 $3,200.00
30 hours of Instruction $ 1.350.00
Materials and Exam Fees $570.00 (includes cost of Medical Exam)
Flight Exam w/FAA Examiner $690.00 (includes 3 hours of flight lime) AOPA Rental Insurance $180.00
Approx Total Cost $5,980.00

The above quote is possible for individuals to obtain their license with those figures, however is more common that students are closer to the following:

57 hours C-172 $4,560.00 40 hours of Instruction $ 1,800.00
Materials and Exam Fees $570.00 (includes cost of Medical Exam)
Flight Exam w/FAA Examiner….$690.00 (includes 3 hours of flight time) AOPA Rental Insurance $180.00
Approx Total Cost $7,800.00

** We utilized the 20 hour ($80.00) block rate to compute all aircraft rates. Aircraft rental rates are directly related to Av Gas prices.

Cost varies for everyone but is highly influenced by numerous factors. If you are attempting to achive your goal, get you Private Pilots License, in the least amount of hours to save on cost, take note of these points.

Sturdy diligently and in a quite environment. You are preparing for a test that is critical to achieving your goal. Minimum of two (2) hours per day, every day until you feel you are ready. Rule of thumb is, that you spend two to three hours studying for every hour you fly.

Fly often, if your flying is sporadic and not consistent, expect to spend more money. The experts suggest that you fly a minimum of twice per week. Flying less than twice per week causes you to spend more time reviewing what was done in previous lessons. Flying regularly keeps you focused on adding new skills. Be passionate and you will accomplish your goal in record time.

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